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13th January 2013

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this bitch needs a tag, a name, a owner.


this bitch needs a tag, a name, a owner.

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6th January 2013

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Master just whipped my ass with a belt for the first time.

The spanking wasn’t enough this time. He wanted to make sure that I really learned my lesson.

It hurt a lot, but it felt good because I deserved it.

I love when Master hurts me because I know it makes him happy.


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1st January 2013

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Some women make great pets… every man should have one…


Some women make great pets… every man should have one…

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6th December 2012

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What a good girl

What a good girl

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26th November 2012

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15th October 2012

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8th September 2012

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I love my Master very much.

I’m very grateful for all the work he puts into me.

He’s going to make me the best puppy for him.


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6th September 2012

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That&#8217;s a good puppy, let&#8217;s go, move it!

That’s a good puppy, let’s go, move it!

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23rd August 2012

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20th August 2012

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